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A to Z Minerals and Rock Company is excited!  We suspect it is all the energies coming from the thousands of minerals in our shops.  We'd like to connect personally with our visitors all over the world, and make new friends.  See our invites below! 




Monthly Drawing Contest by A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop 

Monthly Drawing

A to Z is glad to share our minerals with you.   We believe mineral collecting should be fun and enjoyed for a lifetime.  Even if you are serious collector, we hope you join us for a bit of fun and perhaps pay it forward with gifting your winnings to a young one to get them excited about the world of geology.




Name that Mineral Contest

Name That Mineral Reward's Club

A o Z Mineral & Rock Shop has thousands of mineral specimens in our warehouse awaiting discovery.   We invite  you to join our 'Name That Mineral Club', and help us identify.  Name a mineral, and get store CREDIT, as our thanks! 



Adirondack Rockhounding Club  

Calling Local Rock Hounds

If you are local to the Adirondack Region (upstate New York), join us collecting new specimens.  Group digs are a great way to spend the day meeting, and working, with friends.  Great exercise, sunshine and lots of smiles when you find that treasure.   Even if you don't want the treasures you find, our 'open format' to our club members for advertising and selling your minerals on our site are a great way to get a little extra cash for those new found treasures.  Visit our neighboring Rock Clubs at: Rock Clubs and Societies





Visit our Suggestion Box

"By sharing, we can better our world."  We hope you have some time to stop in at our suggestion box and give us your feed back (pro and con, new ideas and repurposed old ideas).  All ideas welcomed.  Our mission is to make this site, a web site worth your visit.



Mineral Dealers Wanted


Calling Artisans & Mineral Dealers

A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop's goal is to be well-rounded for our viewers.  We  invite 'Rocker' entrepreneurs to participate with us.   NO CHARGE.





A to Z Video Collections

When we find something very interesting and we can share, we share!  By sharing, we better our world.   We hope you enjoy our collection.





Dangerous Minerals

A "MUST READ" if you are working with elixirs or preparing minerals for display.  View our quick reference guide to dangerous, or "treat with caution" mineral types. 




Name Your State Mineral


Do you know your state's mineral?  We didn't; so we went on a research quest.  I hope you enjoy our quick finds and get out rockhounding in your own state!



Mohr Scale Info


  The Hardness of Metals: A Visual Representation of Mohs Scale - AlansFactoryOutlet.com - Infographic
Created by AlansFactoryOutlet.com, a find from Student Piper's suggestion (Thanks Piper)




Learn more about Geology! 


Great beginner's guide:  https://www.basementguides.com/rock-collecting-and-geology-basics/




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