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Vintage crazy lace agate (new clock) 7 1/2x6 1/2x1 3/4"thick, $49.00 USD


Vintage Onyx clock (repaired & new clock)81/2x6"x1-3/4"thick, 4 lb. 10 oz., $35.00 USD


Handcrafted Aregonite Clock w/turquoise adornments & onyx base, signed by Rock Clox, JJ., 7x6" $25.00 USD


Hand crafted Agate Clock on wooden stand, made by Gene Rowe, '04, 81/2x4 1/2", sealed, $25.00 USD


Vintage  "Dragon's Egg" Septarian Mineral Clock, 10 3/4x7 3/4x1 1/2" thick,  $125.00 USD


Vintage Green Marble base desk clock, wind up Seth Thomas Alarm, base 4 3/4x3", 4 1/4" H  $21.00 USD

Petrified Wood Stone Clock


Impressive Vintage Petrified Wood Clock (repaired and new clock), 9x9x1 3/4"

$49.00 USD





$159.00 USD

 consignment sale


Two* clocks are complete and were running.  Need to be cleaned & oiled


Rest are for parts

(use to run)


Tall clocks have dome covers (2 w/plexi and 1 glass)


No dome for half clock


Set being sold 'as is' and owner will not separate.


More pictures available upon request




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