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While we enjoy viewing our mineral collections, why not put them to everyday use?   Life isn't always about watching, but rather doing.  So light up those minerals, repurpose those slabs, or utensil mother earth like the tribal Indians did.   Use your minerals in all parts of your home!  


We bring you our line up of "Functional Art" for you to enjoy, or perhaps stir up some ideas.  We also wish to call upon other Artisan's for their ideas on functional art.  If you are a designer, artist, or a DIY'er, that wishes to present his/her wares with us, we would like to talk to you (click here). 





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Aquarium Lava

 Planters, aquarium, garden decor and more
Artist's Creations  Works for sale by our synergy artist's partners
Burmese Boxes Burmese Small Trinket Box Lacquered Works from Thailand
Charms  Tag your luggage, your pet, your attaché case

Frig "Mineral" Magnets

 Put a smile you your face each time you snack
Framed Specimen Collections


Rain Chains

 Custom-made Copper Rain Chains

 with Minerals

Rock Soaps & Soap Holders

 Soap Guild Artist Creations

Salt of the Earth Products

 Products for salt rooms/caves and

 household use

Slabs  Made affordable for mosaic work

Stone Clocks

 Stone clocks and vintage anniversary

 clock set

Stone Coasters

 Coffee, tea or cocoa anyone?

Stone Dishes/Etc.

 Love minerals?  Why not use them daily? 

 Stone bowls, ash trays, boxes and more!

Stone Oils

 Cellulite 7 Herb Remedy and Saffron

 Hair/Scalp Tonic Oil w/Amethyst Gemstones

Supply Yard Sale

 Opps, we have too much!

Trinket Boxes

 Jewels, memorabilia, pills and

 even herbal storage!

Universal Stone Holders

Business cards, soap and even cell phone holders


(click picture for list) Fun Coral for your next art project Mirror Blanks

Enjoy embellishing, or using as a base for your large specimens.  Remember, we carry gemstone embellishments (click here)  $3.00 ea

Vintage Marble Test Tube


Unique way to display your hand-made essential oils

$21.00 ea (include six jars of your choice 2 or 1 dram)



Rock'n Chair

(click on any chair to enlarge)

Play on words, these novelty pieces include an unfinished natural miniature 4" tall Adirondack chair with generous  size mineral.  Decorate your book shelf, coffee table or within your collection to give a little smile to your visiting guests and yourself.    Rose Quartz, Black Kyanite, Amethyst Crystal, Epodite, Amazonite or Red Agate.


$25.00 USD each*

*limited availability.  Purchase 5 pieces and get your 6th one FREE.



Click to order. 

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