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A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop's goal is to be well-rounded for our viewers,.  We invite entrepreneurs and artists to participate with us.  



Artisans and Craftsmen .... We invite you to share your creativity (jewelers, sculpture, cabinet maker, sand painters and all that work with minerals, or works to enhance minerals).   Send a jpg file of your latest creation to share (or sell) to the public.  To get 'Renown or Famous' means exposure, exposure, exposure.  We also invite you to advertise on our site.  All copyrights respected!


Mineral Dealers .... US Mineral Dealers are also welcome to display their pieces with us as another marketing venue.  Exposure, exposure, exposure. 




By sharing, we grow as a fellow human being.

Click to contact us.  Let's chat! 

We will have a staff member contact you personally via e-mail.  We do have a review process.




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