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Traditionally, Mala Bracelets are part of the Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic cultures used to recite a prayer or mantra; but have since branched out for use in many religions, and meditative purposes along with metaphysical and healing.  The beads are a count to how many times you have recited and or said your wishes for sending into the universe.  Use like a Rosary and count how many times you're saying your prayer of choice ... recite Mantra's of good luck, will and fortune .... as a fashion statement that helps you with specific healing needs ... a tool for meditation ... or find you're own personal use for this meaningful type of bracelet.  What was once a traditional one use Buddhist tool for prayer's that would need to be recited dozens of times in a sitting - now has branched into many other worlds and are made for many types of people.

Malas jewelry are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads; but they have progressed to be made with less or more depending on the use with a wide variety of beads being used.   This form of jewelry can be made specific for almost any need.  Many people have found them to be great for healing and or meditative purposes and often wear many at the same time to cover different area's they're looking for extra help in.  They are made with seed beads, gemstones, crystal, pearl, even nuts, coral and ivory.  There really being no limit on the creativity one can use while making a bracelet of this sort is unlimited. 



ALL MALA Rosary Kits - $25.00* USD each



A2Z Mala Necklace Kits: 108 beads, plus guru bead, charm (house pick from Herman Collection), silky nylon thread, bead wire for treading, tassel, packed in baggie and covered with a white drawstring organza gift bag.  * FREE awl with first 50 orders.  



(click on pictures to enlarge)

Agate Mala Rosary Bead Kits for Sale


Black Agate Rosary Mala

8mm (mixed tones)

Rose  Quartz Mala Rosary Bead Kit for sale


Rose Quartz Rosary Mala

8mm (veined rose quartz)

Mala Bead Kits for Sale


Red Agate Rosary Mala

8mm (natural, w/unique crevices)


Spiderweb Jasper Rosary Mala



Malaysia White Jade Rosary Mala

10mm (mostly white, some cream tones)


Italian Onyx Rosary Mala



Earth Jasper Rosary Mala

6mm (creams & grays with grey/green mottle jasper)

Olive Jade Rosary Mala



Yellow/Green Turquoise Rosary Mala



Yellow/Green Turquoise Rosary Mala




Sesame Serpentine Rosary Mala

6 mm

Russian Serpentine Rosary Mala 

6mm (see the final product below,

compliments of one of our customers)


Tiger Eye Rosary Mala

Tumbled beads (8-10mm)


Perhaps we can customize a kit for your needs.  Drop us an
e-mail to find out.




ALL MALA Bracelet Kits  - $15.00 USD each


A2Z Mala Bracelet Kits:   27 beads, 1 guru bead, Rudraksha seed beads, elastic fiber cord, tassel, charm (house pick) packed in baggie and covered with a white drawstring organza gift bag. 


(click on pictures to enlarge)


coming soon








Completed kits from our satisfied customers

Russian Serpentine Finished Mala (6mm)

Our customer blessed this with one of her hand-made pouches.  She weaves and might be willing to make others (inquire)

Quartz Mala (8mm) hand strung by us as a practice run; but nice enough to keep!  Added a Chinese pouch.  Not for Sale




Click to order. 

Please be sure to give us the Mala Kit choice(s) of calling

and we will personally confirm your order before shipping.


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