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Minerals for the Jeweler



Great little minerals for wire wrapping and your jewelry designing.  Gifted from Mother Nature direct.



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 (click on picture) Lapidary Slabs - DIY

Grind your own cabochons, or freeform pieces

Gemstones, faceted and Cabs for sale  (click on picture)

Do you like your minerals faceted?


Amethyst Scepter
$2.00 USD


Amethyst Chevron Scepter
$3.00 USD

(click on picture)

Natural Mariposite

(click on picture)

Tumbled Minerals


Rhodonsite Tumbled Focal Cab (drilled center)
$3.50 USD - SOLD


Quartz Scepter Set

$3.00 USD


Tumbled Jasper Set (10)

Nice pieces for wrapping

$3.00 USD


Small Quartz

Origin, NY

$2.00 USD


Herkimer Diamonds

check out our line up of Herk's as perfect conduits of the universal Life Force

(click on picture) 


Tumbled Mineral Collection

Tumbled by nature or man!  Visit our Tumbled Collection.  Collectors, Reiki work, jewelry work or your medicine pouch.  Wonderful pieces.


Smokey Crystal Tip Set (2)

$3.00 USD


Pyrite Cube Set (2)

$3.00 USD


Quartz Scepter w/interesting tip of Lepiodite

(nice for pendant work)

$3.00 USD


Quartz Rainbow Tip Crystal w/scepter end for wrapping

33mm L

$4.00 USD


Quartz Crystal

$1.00 USD


Quartz Crystal Sm.
$.50 USD


Quartz Crystal
$2.00 USD


Azurite Ball - small

$2.00 USD


Amethyst small crystal

$1.00 USD


Quartz Crystal w/rider

$2.00 USD


Interesting Amethyst, dirty with inclusions, saddle for wiring

$1.00 USD


Ametrine Shard w/end tip for wrapping
$4.00 USD - SOLD


Quartz Scepter w/many crystal heads
$5.00 USD


Quartz Material Scepter

$1.00 USD


Fun Lot (13 pcs)

Amethyst, peacock ore, rutilatec quartz, selenite,  black tourmaline$7.00 USD


Rhyolite Tumbled

65x30x24mm. 1.4 oz
$7.00 USD


Fun Lot (9 pcs)

$7.00 USD

(click on picture)

Calibrated Cabochons


"Herman Estate Collection"


Agate Palm stones, or drill/wire for huge focal pendants

$5.00 USD


Cross Stone/Chiastolite

14mm thick, highly polished both sides

$11.00 USD


Cross Stones Chiastolite


Cross Stone/Chiastolite

9 mm thick, highly polished both sides   $11.00 USD


Cross Stone/Chiastolite

11 mm thick, highly polished both sides, $11.00 USD

Ruby Specimen Ruby #1

Ruby from India,

33 grams

$15.00 USD

Ruby #2

Ruby from India,

33 grams

$15.00 USD

 (click on picture) Natural Amber

 (click on


Natural Beryl


Green Kyanite Blade Set


$4.00 USD


Green Kyanite Blade Set,


$3.00 USD


Green Kyanite Blade Set


$4.00 USD


Petrified Wood Trio


$10.00 USD


Pet Palm Wood Trio


$10.00 USD


Puddingstone Trio

Check out our other Pudding Stones too -click here)


Petrified Wood Ying/Yang


$5.00 USD


Pet Palm Wood Trio


$10.00 USD


Calcite Trio


$10.00 USD


Pet Palm Duet


$8.00 USD


Pet Palm Root Set (tumbled)

$5.00 USD


Obsidian Polished

(2 snowflake, 1 mahogany, 1 black)

$3.00 USD


Mahogany Obsidian Trio (polished tumbled)

$7.00 USD


Obsidian Lot

(polished tumbled)

$8.00 USD


Mahogany Obsidian

(polished tumbled)

$8.00 USD


Sheen & mixed Obsidian Lot)
$12.00 USD


Raw 'unadulterated' gemstone necklaces.   Simple, but earthy.  Wear 'as is' for the metaphysical benefits, or deck it out!  Rhodium chain included. FREE shipping

$7.00 USD each


Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled Wands - assorted sizes for jewelry, reiki, and collectors

Mineral Collection Jars  

Glass Collection Jars

Great for field collection, and even arts & craft jewelry (see our gem jars!)

Two sizes available: 

2 dram

1 dram

Screw top


$1.50 USD each

Red Jasper Banded Pendants for sale


Amethyst Chevron Nugget Pendants For Sale


Kyanite Blade Pendants for Sale




Focal Point Minerals


Red Banded Jasper - rough tumbled large nuggets w/top drill (house picks)
$1.00 USD each


Chevron Amethyst tumbled extra large nuggets w/top drill

$1.00 USD Each (house picks)


Green Kyanite Blades w/top drill (house picks)

Lg. $1.00 USD Each

Med.  $.75 USD Each

Small $.50 USD Each

Auralite 23 from Wonder Caves for sale - US distributor

(click on picture)


Auralite 23

Authorized NY Distributor

Origin Wonder Mines

Thunder Bay CA

(click on picture)


A few Hundred to pick from


Yellow Banded Onyx Mini Obelisk
$3.00 USD


Howlite Mini Obelisk

$3.00 USD


Rhodonite Mini Obelisk
$3.00 USD


Quartz Double Terminated Mini Wand

$3.00 USD


Flourite Mini Obelisk

Set of 4
$7.00 USD


Quartz Mini Obelisk

$3.00 USD


Magnetite Mini Obelisk
$3.00 USD


Leopard Skin Jasper Mini Obelisk

$3.00 USD


Quartz Mini Obelisk
$4.00 USD (set)


Red Jasper Double Pointed Mini-Mini Wand (cute little one)
$2.00 USD


Jasper Cross

$5.00 USD


Mahogany Obsidian Tipped drops

$6.00 USD

(click on pic)



Rosary and Bracelets Kits



Drilled, slightly tumbled and waxed

3 for $5.00 USD


Agate Half, Polished one-side

believe dyed, shown back lite

10 grams, 29x24x10mm

$5.00 USD

Fire Agate polished and ready to set #R26 Tumbled Polished Fire Agate ready for setting, 25x21mm
$10.00 USD

(click on pic)


Decorate your own jar and used as a pendant

(click on pic) Beads by the Bag


Because of the volume of minerals and internet bandwidth issues, we have elected to show one, or two, photos of each mineral for sale; however feel FREE to ask for additional pictures before you order.  We are happy to send you additional pictures of all angles.  We'll show you the good and the bad, and when necessary microscopic views.  So just ask.  


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