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Metaphysical Stones


We believe every stone can be a healing stone! 


However, the below collection of healing stones are most commonly used in metaphysical purposes.  Below are smaller stones (tumbled and raw) so that the user can use in body charka work, medicine pouches, Reiki and other meditation needs.  For healers or for the home, please visit our catalogs for cluster pieces for your meditation room.



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Vibrant Amethyst Cluster

CA, 90 grams, 8x2.75cm

$25.00 USD - SOLD


Agate slice, blue

$3.00 USD


Mixed Quartz Tumble Collection

$15.00 USD

(see our line up of tumbled stones)



origin India, 1 1lb, 4.5oz, 14x8cm $49.00

(often used for psychic guidance and creativity) 


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Quartz Trio Set, origin VT,  9 grams cm, 2 3/4 cm and 3 cm

$5.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamonds

check out our line up of Herk's as perfect conduits of the universal Life Force

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Amethyst Shard Set (2)
$10.00 USD


Amethyst small crystals for jewelry or collector, sm. cabinet

$5.00 USD


Amethyst for jewelry

$3.00 USD


Amethyst Druzy shard

$4.00 USD


Amethyst  Crystal Cluster cabinet size

$7.00 USD


Amethyst Small Cluster

$5.00 USD


Quartz Point (lg)

origin MI

287 grams

$21.00 USD


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Quartz Cluster

origin NY

32 grams

$15.00 USD


Small Quartz

Origin, NY

$2.00 USD


Oregon Sunstone

Spectrum Mine, Oregon

2 grams

$6.50 USD


Oregon Sunstone Set (2)

Spectrum Mine, Oregon

2.5 grams ttl

$11.00 USD - SOLD


Oregon Sunstone Set (2)

Spectrum Mine, Oregon

2 grams

$8.00 USD


Oregon Sunstone Set (3)

Spectrum Mine, Oregon

3 grams

$10.00 USD


Oregon Sunstone Set (2)

Spectrum Mine, Oregon

2 grams

$8.00 USD



Adirondacks NY, 98 grams
$19.00 USD

(view our full line up of Garnet)




$21.00 USD

(see our gemstones)


Green Diopside on a Quartz Matrix

St. Lawrence Cty., NY

320 grams, 7x7x4cm

$18.00 USD


Double Quartz Point

origin NY

1 3/4cm

$1.50 USD 



origin India

244 grams 11x4cm

$40.00 USD


Amethyst Nat'l Point

Statesville, Iredell County, NC

111 grams

$35.00 USD


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