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Brass Pendulum


Solid Brass Pendulum with tapped screw hole to add your own chain or connectors.  $4.95 USD each.

Nice symmetry and Brass is the combination of Copper & Zinc, both wonderful physical properties.  Copper is said to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications.  Zinc is good for enhancing life-forces and building confidence, strength & courage.

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Healing Stones

View our on-going healing stone collection.

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Tumbled Mineral Collection

Tumbled by nature or man!  Visit our Tumbled Collection.  Collectors, Reiki work, jewelry work or your medicine pouch.  Wonderful pieces.

Moqui Marbles, Shaman Balls For sale in Perky Display Box  #Marbles Moqui Marbles/Shaman Balls - Working with computers all day, our energy polarity can get off balance. These stones reboot the energy flow and stabilize the energy field.  Origin,  Navajo Sandstone Formation in Utah.   $4.00 USD each
Mica Specimens for  Sale #Mica
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Gemstones Jars - Mineral Choice (20 mineral selections): Pyrite, Garnet, Sodalite, Flourite, Red Agate, Green Aventurine, Blue Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, White Quartz, Carnelian, Peridot, Red Jasper, and (not shown) Mixed Tourmaline, White Howlite, Snowflake Obsidian and Mixed Agate.  Lapis & Black Tourmaline have additional fees.


Crystal Grids

Tibet Natural Quartz Crystal Points or Stems, assorted sizes (house pick)

(measuring from 1/2" to an 2")

Set of 7 crystals for $1.50 USD.  Set of 21 crystals for $4.00 USD

House Kit

Protect the 4 corners of your lot.  House Protection Kit includes four quartz crystal points for energy and four black tourmaline for grounding  $20.00 USD each kit (if you need more corners add $5 for each quartz/tourmaline additional subset)

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FYI, Watch a very interesting lesson on Metaphysical, "The Healing Powers of Gems and Minerals, by James Tyberonn



Tumbled Minerals by the Bag


We are glad to bring you a product line up of tumbled mineral specimens for your metaphysical craft work, or just admire 'as is' in your specimen jars.   Crush up for elixir!  Sold by the bag and available in quantities.  Let us know how many bags and inventory number when ordering.



Quartz Chips*, medium size, tumbled with high polish, clear, drilled

$2.75 USD each bag


Rhodonite medium tumbled chips, high polished and drilled

$3.00 USD each bag (said to create balance of the yin-yang energies, attunement with the spirituality of the universe)


Red Aventurine large chips highly polished and drilled

$3.00 USD each bag (facilitates balancing and alignment of intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies.  Used in medicine wheels.)


Grey line Quartz*, large tumbled chips and drilled

$2.50 USD each bag


Snow Quartz*, extra large tumbled polished and drilled

$2.50 USD each bag


Tektites, assorted sizes, slightly tumbled and waxed, meteoritic glass

$1.50 each

(encourages one to gather info; used in the Orient as a talisman of great power)


Rose Quartz* large chips highly polished

$2.50 USD each bag


Multi colored Fluorite, small tumbled highly polished chips and drilled

$3.00 USD each bag  (produces an energy that is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive & disorganization, thus receiving intuition)


Sea Green Jade, tumbled with satin polish and drilled for crafting

$2.50 USD each bag (known as the dream stone, or stone of fidelity, bring realization of your potential)


Rainbow Marbled

tumbled satin polished & drilled

$2.00 USD each bag


Golden Yellow Quartzite*, tumbled with satin polish and drilled

$2.50 USD each bag


New Olive Jade large chips, polished and drilled

$2.50 USD each bag


Prehnite chips, medium chips highly polished & drilled

$3.00 USD each bag

(used to facilitate contact with impalpable entities via meditation; used to enhance protective fields)


Green Haired Quartz* chips tumbled with high polish and drilled

$2.75 USD each bag



*Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the souls and recognized as the "stone of power"   A must to anyone collection to wear, decorate and embrace.   It enhances any favorite mineral.  Quartz has pyroelectric properties.  Its properties will change when either subject to pressure or heat, emitting energy.  Traditionally, the natural quartz was said to both harmonize and align human energies - thoughts, consciousness, emotions - with the energies of the universe.  It is our basic favorites for grid work, enhancing other minerals and just beautiful to show off!



Quartz SPECIAL Collection


11 piece (Natural, No Treatments or Dyes)


14" Strand - Quartz, 6x5x2mm -10x7x4mm hand-cut triangle
13" Strand - Quartz
, 5x4mm -10x6mm hand-cut puffed oval
16" Strand - Snow Quartz
- medium flat nugget
15" Strand - Quartz Crystal
- medium chip
15" Strand - Rose Quartz
- large chip
15" Strand - Golden Rutilated Quartz
- large chip

16" Strand - Quartz Crystal - X lg. chip

15" Strand - Gold Cream Quartz - X lg. chips

16" Strand - Grey Quartz - lg. chips

16" Strand - Grey Quartz - 11x8mm-12x9mm barrel beads

15" Strand - Cream Quartz - lg. chips


Quartz Bead Collection for Sale  #QC001 - $21.00 USD


(40 units available, 37 units left)




Rose & Amethyst

1 to 1 1/2 rough specimens

$2.00 USD

Rose Quartz for Sale

Rose Quartz

Quartz w/ traces of either titanium, iron or manganese.  SiO2,

$1.00 USD each pc.

Amethyst Minerals for sales - rough, crystals and beads



Rough for tumbling or carving
$1.00 USD each pc.

Quartize Minerals for Sale


A hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was pure quartz sandstone, origin PA, smaller specimens of 1/2 - 1" and will tumble to smaller samples

3 pcs. for $1.00 USD

Rough Milky Quartz for Sale



The white color is caused by minute fluid inclusions of gas, liquid, or both, trapped during crystal formation.

$1.00 USD each



Auralite 23

 Wonder Mines, Thunder Bay, Canada

A to Z is now an authorized NY Dealer for Auralite 23

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