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Alabaster is a name applied to varieties of two distinct materials, when used as a material:  Gypsum (ahydrous sulfate of calcium) and calcite, a carbonate of calcium, also known as onyx-marble, Egyptian alabaster or Oriental alabaster, in geological terms is "a stalagmiticlimestone' marked with the patterns of swirling bands of cream and brown"  In general, not always, ancient Alabaster in Egypt and the Near & Middle East is calcite.  Alabaster in medieval Europe is gypsum.  Modern Alabaster is probably calcite, but may be either.  Both are easy to "work' and as both are slightly water soluble, have been used for making a variety of indoor artworks and carvings, as they will not survive long outdoors.

Owning to the characteristic color of while alabaster, the term has entered the vernacular as ametonym for white things, particularly "alabaster skin" which means very light and quite translucent, and possibly derives from the use of alabaster from tomb effigies.  (from Wikipedia)









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Alabaster Fruit, vintage collection
$15.00 each (6 available)

Alabaster Vintage Ash Tray from Italy #AL022

Vintage Hand-Carved Alabaster Ash Tray from Italy

8"L x 8"W x 2.25"H, 4.5 lbs.

$29.00 USD


Banded Peach Alabaster

20 lbs., 8X5x5 1/2"

$60.00 USD - SOLD


Grey Alabaster

17 lbs., approx. 10x7 1/2"

$29.00 USD  - SOLD


White Italian Alabaster

24 lbs., approx. 10 1/2x9"

$40.00 USD - SOLD


White Italian Alabaster

11.5 lbs., approx. 10" x7"

$20.00 USD - SOLD

Banded Sandstone for sale


Banded Sandstone for artwork

2 1/2 lbs., approx. 8"x4 1/2"
$10.00 USD - SOLD


Peach Swirl Alabaster

1+ lb., approx. 8"x2"
$4.00 USD -


Blue Grey Soapstone

12 lbs, approx. 6"x4"x8"

$30.00 USD - SOLD

Banded Sandstone for carving


Banded Sandstone

16 lbs.,  approx. 6 1/2"x10"

$64.00 USD


Peach Alabaster - pre-carved

10 lbs., approx 12"x7 1/2"x2"

$20.00 USD - SOLD

Peach Grey Soapstone forsale


Peach & Grey Soapstone

9.5 lbs., approx girth 10"x6"x4"
$30.00 USD - SOLD


Soft Pink Alabaster

13.5 lbs., approx. 8"x8"x2-3"

$40.00 USD - SOLD


Italian White Alabaster

21 lbs., approx. 8"x6 1/2"

$36.00 USD

Soapstone material for carving


Green Grey Soapstone

10 lbs., approx. 7 1/2"x5 1/2"x4"

$25.00 USD

Pink variegated alabaster for sale


Variegated Pink Alabaster

11 lbs., approx. 9 1/2"x6"x6"

$33.00 USD - SOLD

Black Alabaster For Sale


Black Alabaster

7 lbs. 9 1/2x7"x1 1/2"

$17.00 USD


Pre-shaped marble

8 lbs, approx. 11"hx5" wide
$15.00 USD

Black Alabaster For Sale - carving material


Black Alabaster

13 lbs., 8"x5"x4 to 2 1/2"
$32.00 USD - SOLD

Italian White Alabaster For Sale


Italian White Alabaster

25 lbs., 13"x13"x4-1"

$43.00 USD - SOLD


Black Alabaster

49 lbs. 

(shown wet on one side)

$122.00 USD


Misc. Grey Soapstone pieces

6 lbs. 

$11.00 USD - SOLD


Black Alabaster Block

38 lbs. block, 12"x5 1/2"x6"

$76.00 USD


Lt. Pink (molten) Alabaster

22.5 lbs.

approx. 9.5"x9.5"x4"  

$66.00 USD - SOLD

Italian Alabaster For Sale - rough materials for carving


Italian White Alabaster

53.5 lbs.
$93.00 USD

Pink Alabaster for Master Carver for sale


Molten Pink Alabaster

156.5 lbs. (shown wet side)

$450.00 USD - ON SALE $350.00 - SOLD


Pre-carved Green variegated Alabaster

3.5 lbs., approx.5.5"x4.5"x30"

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Granite (grey)

4.5 lbs., appr0x. 5"dia.x3 to 2" high

$9.00 USD


Granite (tan/grey)

3.5 lbs.

approx 3" at point high x 3"

$7.00 USD


Onyx Carved Donkey

3 1/2" L 3 1/2" tall 1" wide

7.6 oz

$6.00 USD


Onyx Carved Donkey

3 1/2" L 3 1/2" tall 1" wide
$6.00 USD

Quartz Block for Carving 5518 Quartz Block w/citrine tones (not shown well in photo), 4.5lbs., 4"x3"x3", good specimen for carving
$10.00 USD

Onyx Carved Candle Scone

8" T, 2 1/2" X 4", 2 lb 5.2 oz

$11.00 USD



Onyx Carved Candle Scone

8" T, 2 1/2" X 4", 2 lb 5.2 oz

$11.00 USD



16"-3 1/2-6"x1"

$6.00 USD


Marble Slabs

7"x2 1/2"x10mm (2 available)

$300 USD each


Green Variegated Marble Wedge

5 1/2"x 2 1/4"x9-1mm thick (one side polished)

$2.00 USD



Marble (2 lbs. 14 oz.)

1 6/16"Thickx8-1"x5"

$4.00 USD



3/4" thick, 2-4"x3", 13 oz.

$3.00 USD


Granite Polished Slabs

4 1/2"x3"x9m (4 available)
$2.00 USD each


Marble Block

1 lb. 9 oz., 3"x2"x2 1/2"

$4.00 USD - SOLD




Sorry, Bubo is not for sale; but feel free to carve another one!  


Because of the volume of minerals and internet bandwidth issues, we have elected to show one, or two, photos of each mineral for sale; however feel FREE to ask for additional pictures before you order.  We are happy to send you additional pictures of all angles.  We'll show you the good and the bad, and when necessary microscopic views.  So just ask.   Do you want a microscopic view of  your mineral? (click here)




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