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Light up my world in the dark.  These fluorescent minerals are exciting to see under UV lighting.   There are some wonderful cabinets and lighting on the market these days.  We're taking our personal cabinets and lighting up the bottom shelves as our 'night light.'  A trip to the bathroom, will certainly be more fun than usual :-)

NOTE:   All the "K" minerals are now being inventoried; so 'out of stock' temporarily


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Details to follow

Willemite from Hillsboro NM for sale



Origin Hillsboro, NM
$12.00 USD - SOLD



Scapolite UV Mineral for Sale



Origin unknown

$14.00 USD - SOLD

Scheelite Minerals for Sale - UV



Origin Atolia, CA
$9.00 USD


Calcite Sandwich in Matrix

Origin unknown

$20.00 USD - SOLD


Jasper Pendant Piece w/drilled hole

$10.00 USD - SOLD


Fluorescent Red Calcite Mineral Speciment for Sale


Large Specimen of Red Calcite

Origin Nuevo Leon, MX

$13.00 USD





Origin Ogdensburg, NY

$9.00 USD - SOLD


Mixed UV minerals with line of prehnite or smithsonite

Origin MX

$17.00 USD


Large mixed mineral UV piece, Origin NJ

$15.00 USD

Fluoresent Prehnite Mineral Specimen for Sale


Large single UV piece (prehnite most likely)

Origin MX

$10.00 USD


Geode Piece UV

New Mexico

$17.00 USD



Origin NJ

$8.00 USD  - SOLD


Mixed Minerals with fluorite and calcite (UV)

Origin NY

$15.00 USD  - SOLD


Mixed Minerals with fluorite and calcite (UV)

Origin NJ

$7.00 USD


Geode Piece UV
Origin NM

$17.00 USD


Calcite Chunk (UV)

Origin NY

$7.00 USD


Mixed Mineral w/UV

Origin unknown

$7.00 USD

Pink Rhondonite Specimens for sale


Pink Rhondonite

Origin Unknown




Details coming


Set of UV Pieces

Origin Mexico

$5.00 USD



Set of UV pieces

Origin NJ

$5.00 USD



origin India

244 grams, 11x4cm

$40.00 USD 



42 grams 2x4.5cm
$15.00 USD


Celestite sections on Calcite  (orthorhombic and rhombohedral strontium sulphate & calcium carbonate) Chittenango Falls NY, 58 grams 7.5x4.5cm

$40.00 USD



42 grams 2x4.5cm
$15.00 USD - SOLD


Autunite lime gr-slightly radioactive (comp. Ca(U02)2P208.8H20)

 Xl System Orthorhombic,in pieces

Found in Ruggles Mine, Grafton NH
10.5 grams
$21.00 USD


Black Augite XL (greenish white)

origin Olmstedville, NY

117 grams, 6x4cm

$20.00 USD

#105 Details to follow  - SOLD


Geode Piece

origin unknown

$4.00 USD

#963K Details to follow


Geode slice (1/3)

unknown origin

$4.00 USD

#964K Details to follow #962K

Geode Half

UV Fluoresce


Details to follow

Willemite with Hardystone and calcite


Hardystone Calcite Willemite, Franklin NJ 94x54x22mm, 4.3 oz

$29.00 USD

5577 Calcite, Edward, NY, florescent SW, .5 oz., 60x650x20mm, $21.00 USD 5581

Barite-Calcite, Norman OK

Fluorescent (SW), 1 lb, 99x59x59mm, $29.00 USD


Because of the volume of minerals and internet bandwidth issues, we have elected to show one, or two, photos of each mineral for sale; however feel FREE to ask for additional pictures before you order.  We are happy to send you additional pictures of all angles.  We'll show you the good and the bad.  So just ask.  



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