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Originating in Japan hundreds of years ago, rain chains acted as funnels to channel the rain and as a decorative household ornament.  Rainwater dances and flows down these handcrafted copper chain links and over the rocks as it is guided from the rooftop to the ground.  Many folks use a catch basin, or rain barrel, at the bottom to either divert or capture the natural rain water.   


A natural patina will develop on the polished copper styles over time, adding to the character and charm.  A wonderful (and useful) conversational piece.  Your friends are sure to admire.


Each chain is made with our selected choice of minerals, does not include spouts, nor drain basins.  If you have a certain mineral selection you wish to have in your design, or an idea, please inquire.   Our artists will try to accommodate, but additional fees maybe applied.  Galvanized steel and brass wiring also available at same cost.




Our chains are normally 7'+ to allow for a catch basin.  However, some folks prefer 3' for just decorated purposes.  8' is recommended without a collective basin.  Our first chain link is extra wide to accommodate most hangers.




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