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Shungite contains 93-98% of carbon and 3-4% of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and water compounds. Vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, and selenium admixtures are possible.  Fullerenes have been reported from such rock.  Wikipedia briefs "Shungite has been used in medical treatment since the early 18th-century. Peter the Great set up Russia's first spa in Karelia to make use of the water purifying properties of shungite, which he had himself experienced. He also instigated its use in providing purified water for the Russian army. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing."  Shunglite carbon absorbs the radioactive nuclides, heavy metals, biological toxins and pathogenic emissions.



                              Living Water


Reports states that alkaline, “alive” water speeds up meta-bolism, growth of plants, heals wounds, improves overall health and decreases susceptibility to negative factors. Alkaline water slows down metabolism and is fatal to microflora and micro-organisms. This makes it a powerful stimulant of biological processes and can stimulates tissue regeneration, improves metabolism and blood flow through tissues.  Thus it can heals wounds, increases metabolism, raises blood pressure in people with hypotension, improves appetite and digestion.


Alkaline water decrease susceptibility to colds, and the list of benefits are large from organ function to gastric ulcers, asthma, hepatitis, bronchitis and more.




By the Glass:  Add your 'tea bag" to fresh water ceramic or glassware (not plastic) and dip/swirl for about 30 seconds, then let rest for 15 to 20 minutes before drinking.   Remove bag and let dry completely to avoid molding.  Ready for reuse.  NOTE:  The longer you leave in the tea bag the stronger the water.  


Pitcher:  If you keep a pitcher of water available for the family, leave the tea bag in and be sure to use your living water daily.  Do not let the goodness evaporate and replenish daily.   Add your 'living water' to your coffee, pets water dish, or put some in a spray bottle for a facial spray.


Bottled Water Best to use "living water" away from direct

 sun light in a glass container (filled to the top) and use with the first three hours after preparation.



Health Product Uses

  • Living Water - for health drink, bath soaking and facial sprays.

  • Shampoo - add crushed shungite direct to your favorite shampoo as an additive for its antioxidant benefits.   Great help for dandruff and hair growth.

  • Lotions - add crushed shungite to your favorite lotions as an additive to nourish the skin abrasions and bruises and overall skin care.  Also said for varicose veins.

  • Balm -  add crushed shungite as an additive for nail growth or cracked feet.


Pet Uses

  • Living Water - add to your pet's water for overall health.

  • Pet Shampoo additives - add to your pet's shampoo for some antioxidant benefits.

  • Skin care - spritz on a little bit living water on rashes, dry skin or eyes.

Our Tea Bags


Our muslin bags on this page are all made in the USA and is 100% unbleached cotton.  Cotton is grown and fabric woven in USA. All muslin bag sizes are all natural color including cord, stitching and fabric. Bags are well made, and fully finished/hemmed, including area where drawstring/s exit. Most muslin bag sizes have one drawstring cord on one side. Muslin bags are sewn flat. When deciding required size, realize that bags are not gussetted so allow space for fill thickness and allow space for the drawstring gathering at the top (approximately 1.5" - 2").



Our Scientific Glass Vials                                    (click to enlarge)


High quality clear Borosilicate glass vials in dram measurements (1 and 2 drams available), made in the USA with Screw-on black phenolic caps.  Corks are NOT included with our computer or body Biofield vials, but only the mini's.



  Inventory# Description   Inventory# Description

"Computer" Biofield


2 Dram High quality clear Borosilicate glass* vials, made in the USA.  10 grams shungite

$7.00 USD each


Living Water Tea Bags

A quick answer to making your own 'living water' without all the fuss and expense.  Many reuses. 10 grams

$3.00 USD each




1 Dram High quality clear Borosilicate glass* vials, USA made, 5 to 6 gram.  Nice smaller size for crafting into jewelry, or pocket carrying.  $4.00 USD each


Living Water Soaking Bags

4x5" bags w/20 grams shungite.  Many reuses (approx 3 months then crush again and reuse as a carrier in your lotions - don't waste this valuable mineral!)

$5.00 USD each




For use in jewelry crafts or just leave this 'negative electro magnetic radiation" gobbler in front of the microwaves or anywhere in the house.  Absorbs radioactive nuclides.  $3.00 USD each


25 grams to refill your tea or bath bags, or to utilize in your health products.   Sold in zip log bag.

Crush for use in shampoos & lotions.

$7.00 USD



"Roll On" 2 dram bottle with 1 gram shungite.  Add your favorite lotion, or water and 'roll-on' anywhere! (baldness, healing, burns, etc.)

$3.00 USD each


Tea Bag Care

Suggest dry out your tea bag between usages completely by hanging in dry area to avoid molding of the natural fibers of the cotton.  This is organic cotton, not bleached.

From Russia  

Shungite Products


Shungite Products


Shungite Pyramid, polished

48 grams, 50x50x35mm
$11.00 USD


Shungite Pyramid, satin finish

85 grams, 60x60x45mm

(some rub direct shungite on skin and the satin finish is porous to do that)

$5.00 USD - SOLD


Ladies Shungite Trio Earrings, 8 mm, ss plated

(excellent protection against cell phone usage), plastic nuts incl.

$11.00 USD (set)


Men's Stud Shungite Earrings

8 mm, steel post, gold tone

$3.00 USD each (sold individually)


Ladies Shungite Single Drop Earrings (hand crafted), 8 mm, ss plated, plastic nuts incl.

$7.00 USD (set)

Raw Shungite


Another RECOMMENDED video of the science of crystals in general.

(click here)


*  We use recommend glass containers as glass is a melding of four elements; because through fire and air the silica element is forged into liquid to which cooling to a solid.  Glass allows light to pass through and carry the light waves.   Please treat all glass carefully to avoid breakage and resulting injuries.  All glass products will be shipped with the greatest care to arrive safely in your hands.   A 2 Z is not responsible for breakage or injuries caused thereafter.



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