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Not only is this mineral an interesting mineral for collectors, Sulpher (British spelling), or Sulfur, is is also necessary to our lives.  It exists in our DNA as a basic ingredient of life.  Sulpher has been employed throughout the hears as a fungicide and insecticide, used for skin and joint problems (even blood pressure), and used to enhance aromas in many foods like wine, coffee and coca.

Minerals below are from Chilie.  ("S" on the table of elements)



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  Inventory# Description   Inventory# Description


54x43x40mm, 2.3 oz.

$5.00 USD


35x30x21mm, .7 oz.

$3.00 USD


87x36x35mm, 2.2 oz


40x29x21mm, .8 oz

$3.00 USD


33x20x15mm, .4 oz

$3.00 USD


102x66x45mm, 9.2 oz.
$14.00 USD




35x3121mm, .7 oz

$3.00 USD


52x47x35mm, 2.6 oz.

$5.00 USD


73x50x35mm, 4.1 oz.

$7.00 USD


45x39x18mm, 1.1 oz.

$4.00 USD


55x38x21mm, 1.4 oz

$4.00 USD




42x50x40mm, 2.2 oz

$5.00 USD


46x49x36mm, 2.2 oz.

$5.00 USD


85x63x42mm, 5.6 oz.

$9.00 USD


72x36x32mm, 2.5 oz.

$5.00 USD


62x49x26mm, 2.5 oz.

$5.00 USD


34x26x19mm, .6 oz.

$3.00 USD


53x35x28mm, 1.5 oz.

$4.00 USD


30x22x19mm, .5 oz

$3.00 USD


53x41x35mm, 2.4 oz.
$5.00 USD


45x36x20mm, 1.3 oz.
$4.00 USD


36x32x21mm, .9 oz.

$3.00 USD


78x69x50mm, 6.3 oz

$10.00 USD


68x31x14mm, .8 oz

$3.00 USD


59x34x30mm, 1.6 oz.

$4.00 USD

Brimstone Wicca bottles


Pulverized Sulphur in small 19mm tall glass vial.  Eye hook included

$3.00 USD each.




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