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A to Z Mineral & Rock Shop has thousands of mineral specimens in our warehouse awaiting discovery.   We invite you to join our 'Name That Mineral Club' and help us identify. 



Name a mineral, and get store CREDIT, as our thanks!   



Drop us an e-mail with your thoughts of what this mineral is.  If we verify that you are correct, we'll send you a $1.00 voucher code that you can use on any future orders  (no time limit, transferrable, or min. order size).  See rules and please provide your name and mailing address below:*





Gypsum layer on matrix.   Thanks Steve J.

($1 store credit)



Felspar Crystals on quartz by Bill

($1 store credit)  THANKS!



Tremolite by Luke ($1 store credit) THANKS!







Orpiment by Diane S ($1 Store credit) THANKS!








CONTACT US WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.  Email us the ID # you are referring to and let's chat!



"Thanks helping*"

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 *  By registering a named mineral, you are also agreeing to being registered on our database for an occasional 'special' announcement.  Review our policy.  We do not sell, or trade, any private info.  You can opt out of our announcements at any time.   Three lucky chances per month per party.  This list is only used for A to Z Mineral & Rock announcements only, as we'd would enjoy sharing future sales, or specials with you in the future.  "By Sharing, we better the world."


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