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Wish to REALLY SEE your mineral?  


A to Z will photo your newly purchased cabinet size, or smaller, mineral with our microscopic cameras for an additional fee of $5.00 ea.  Just add to your order "microscope me" in the mineral description WITH the inventory number!   Your mineral photography will be mailed to you by CD form, certified by A to Z Minerals & Rock Shop.



Coming soon:  Professional photography of your larger minerals.



Some folks have asked us if we'd micro photo their minerals even if they didn't purchase it through A to Z.  Certainly, however require that you insure and pack your minerals very very carefully when mailing to us.  You will need to sign a simple 'hold us harmless'.  Great care will be taken by our staff; but even for the best of us .. .when a mineral is ready to fracture, it will facture.  We utilize latex gloves when handling your mineral, and we may need to remove it from mounting putty and rotate your mineral for complete photography.  If your mineral is too delicate for this operation, we do not suggest micro photography.  Lab fee:  $25/hr. (1 hr. min.)





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