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Gifts and 'got to have' for all the rock lovers out there.  Bring your mineral collecting to yet another level!  Make your minerals work for you.  Below are some useful household tools that your guests will be putting on their Christmas list for you after checking out your unique stash!


Made by a local Adirondack Artesian and all one-of-a kind!  All USA made here in the Adirondacks.


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Adirondack Minerals sliced for your business cards.  Very unique.  All one of a kind

$12.00 USD


Adirondack Minerals with wide sculptured slot for your business cards.  Each one of a kind

$17.00 USD

#S0003Larger slotted Adirondack Minerals to hold soaps, cell phones and misc.
$19.00 USD
#S0003 Double Slotted Adirondack Mineral to hold a variety of displayed items
$25.00 USD


Please allow 3 to 5 days shipping from our supplier.   More product lines are hope to be introduced.





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