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A to Z Minerals

such as Auralite, Herkimers, Fossils,

Fine and Micro

Minerals, Massive

Displays, Ores to

Wollastonites ...



Custom Made

  Gemstone Jewelry

Collectible Vintage

  Gemstone Jewelry

Mala Rosary Kits,

Direct from Thailand



Gemstones Jars,

Spa Minerals, Cabs

Displays, Shungite,

Gems, Metaphysical,

Slabs, Yard Sale,

Salt, Gift Certificates

and More ...


Functional Art

Stone Boxes and

Bowls, Coasters, 

Magnets, Framed

Sets and More ...  


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  Gems, Cabs and Beads

  Beads by the bag, vintage

  collections, artesian pieces, etc.

  Gemstones Jars

 Spa minerals, inlays,  embellishment &  inlay jewelry work, elixir and metaphysical work.

  Gift Certificates

Do you have a rock hound in your life?

Contact us with your gifting instructions.  

We'll dress up your gift!  Click here to e-mail us.


  Magnetic water supplies


  Metaphysical Supplies

  We are authorized dealer of

  Auralite 23 also!

Mica Specimens for  Sale

  Mineral Displays & Supplies

  Perky Boxes, curio boxes, holders,

  sand collection, mirrors, tiles,

  collection jars and more ...

Sand Display Rack with 50 vials - Sand CollectionMineral Collection Jars

  Minerals for the Jewelry     

  Raw, tumbled, focal pieces,

  Mala kits

Minerals and Gems Ready for Wire Wrapping - for sale

  Opps, Extras and Etc.


  Cabochon blanks, lapidary slabs

  freeform slabs and mosaic stock


  The amazing mineral

  Sunstone from Oregon

  Tumbled and ready to use

   .75 cents per gram

  Shells & Coral Specimens