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What other folks think about our service!  We  hope you like our prices and services too!


"I got my first package from A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop Co. yesterday and I couldn't be happier! The shipping was fast and everything arrived safely wrapped and in great shape. And the crystals, oh the crystals! They are even more stunning and incredible than I could have imagined. I can't wait to order another package. :)"   - Jesse S., California



"I am very pleased with the quartz wand I purchased from A to Z, it was just as pictured. Co-owner Krista is also a gem, great communication with me. Shipping was quick, item was well packaged, and she even sent a surprise gift. I will definitely be ordering again, thank you for offering such great crystals"  Christy N., Cuyahoga Falls, OH



I recently needed stones for a project my Grandsons and I were working on for their school. Krista worked with us in a friendly, efficient manner to get us the best stones for the best price. They arrived in two days. Her service was great. Thank you Krista.  She even included a gift for the boys!   Dianna S. - Michigan



I recently purchased a Herkimer wrapped pendant and am so pleased with the quality and unique wrapping style! It was a gift and I know I'll be back for more as it was such an amazing piece. Prompt delivery and wonderful feedback - I will be a return customer and am very very pleased with my purchase! Thank you A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop Co.  - Carol W. 



I absolutely LOVED my mineral kit. I am just getting back into the hobby/business and needed a visual refresher that I could hold and look at. It is also going to be helping my son as he is starting to show an interest as well. Thank you Krista so very very much! We love it!  Darryl R.


I got some beads from them and while there was a little hiccup with the shipping they more than made up for the mistake with the extras they sent me! I'm very happy with my order and it was definitely worth the wait :-) thank you A to Z Minerals!  Shelley



Anthony S. (W.A)  I've bought and traded many times from Krista Foos, from A2Z and have had awesome experiences every time...she is more than helpful and always makes sure the customer is happy ... I plan to continue doing business with her for a long time! Thank you very much Krista ... couldn't be happier.



Jim J.   Every deal with Krista and A to Z minerals has been more than just a business transaction. She's fun to deal with and works very hard to make sure I get what she advertised. I've had many transactions with her and plan to have many more in the future. She has my highest recommendation. You won't be disappointed doing business with her!


Our UK Friend.  I would like to give a very much earned thank you.  I have won and purchased quite a few items of opal, crystals and stones over time and all I can say is that the service delivery speed and above all the quality of the items is AWESOME. I would recommend Krista to anyone thinking of acquiring opals, crystals, minerals and stones.  So from me a big personal Thank You to both of you.  I will be back for more!!!!



Got my packages...the opal is simply beautiful....like an orange sunset. ..the best one I have gotten that's for sure!!  THANK YOU!  Ruth H.



Jason H. ... my daughter absolutely loves the collection you put together for her!!



Yvonne C.   My 50 PC kit is the best!  Krista goes out of her way to make it just how you like it.  I'm using mine for my grandkids to take to school during their geology units.  I've put these together myself with bigger kits when my children were young, but samples always seemed to be "adopted."  With Krista's kits, everything is more secure.  I love buying from Krista because she knows my "likes" and really goes out of her way to get the best for you!.  Also has become a great new friend!


Darryl R., I purchased the first kit that Krista put out.  We worked together to figure out what I wanted and she then labeled everything, put them all in nice little holders and a case.  When I got it, I was amazed!  The kit was awesome and has proven valuable to my son and I as we learn from it.  I highly recommend purchasing from Krista.  Period!  A to Z Minerals and Rock kits rock!


Jeni S. I got my mineral kit today! The quality of the pieces are beyond what I expected!  Very beautiful and all individually labeled in separate baggies.  If you want quality and speedy shipping, this is your go to girl! Thank you Krista Foos, I look forward to buying more from you in the future!


Great quality  wonderful service. Fast shipping and arrived safe . So happy with my couple of purchases . I will keep coming back. Very grateful for shops like A to Z minerals.  Bree S.


I recently bought several beautiful pieces from Krista Foos. I was extremely pleased in these items and the great freebies she sent as well. One of the things I ordered from A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop Co. was a mixed, hand picked by Krista, box of goodies. I was thrilled to see what she sent, it was a wonderful surprise. I would totally recommend doing business with her. I will be making another purchase soon myself. Thanks so much!



I just want to thank you for the amazing box I received yesterday!  I ordered a mixed bag of items that had a couple of specific pieces in it I had chosen, but also had a mix of mystery items!   Krista was a joy to work with when ordering and was very prompt!  The rocks are beautiful, all arrived will packaged and labeled (which I very much appreciate) and she included a bunch of little surprises! I already felt like a kid in a candy store opening my box but the extras made it feel like Christmas too!  We will be doing lots of business in the future with Krista and her store! I love finding honest, friendly people with great product to do business with!  Thanks again!  Rebecca N.C.



Rand W. - Received my order in great condition. Thank you it is good stuff, now all I have to do is figure out what's what!  I figure that it will take me at least a week to try to separate the agates from the jasper.  Thanks again!



Just wanted to Thank you for the package of random beautiful stones, that we got to fill up some Easter eggs for the kid's! There are so many pretty, cool, and interesting stones! The kids absolutely loved them. They all keep trying to pick a favorite stone, but they can't pick just one!! So Thank You, for a exciting ,different, gift for them this year!   I'll try to get some pic's up later tonight or tomorrow, if I can convince them to hand the stones over for a couple minute's. Lol  Missy CB



What can I say? A beautiful soul and a wonderful person! Thanx for the lesson in wrapping 101! LOL Very helpful! You guys are what makes all this worth it! Without people like you 2 and a few others I have met in the last 2 months,I would still be playing on e-bay. You are the reason I enjoy collecting! THANX!  Paul O.



Just a note to say thank you very much for the wonderful trade! You are a DOLL!  Let me know when ready for another sweetie!

A BIG thank you goes out to Krista  for sending us this almost perfectly formed Herkimer!! It is an absolutely stunning example of this type of stone. We hadn't said anything sooner because it was a 16th birthday gift for our niece Jenna, and didn't want to ruin the surprise. Thanks again Krista!!  Ann W.


Thank you!! They are so beautifully stunning! I love them!!  Missy C.B.


Paul O.  I don't know how many of you hounds have had dealings with that Krista! But let me tell you something about that lady! She has got to be one of the fairest people I have ever met! I just received my purchase from her and all I can say is WOW, what a deal! You are #1 in my book! If anyone wants a fair and honest deal, go she Krista! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Beautiful stones!



Jess H.  Got awesome mail from A to Z Minerals and Rock Shop Co. today, a GORGEOUS little rubellite and a bag of mixed chips (there are some real beauties in there too!) PLUS a fabulous druzy flint!! So happy with the pieces and the service - the package found its way to England in record time and Krista Foos was an absolute pleasure to deal with, thank you so much - I will be back!! 

I just received my first purchase and it was Christmas in May!!!!! Such wonderful stones and great service. I will be buying a lot from her in the future. The prices are the best around. Thanks again.  Billie G.R.


Got your package & WOW!  Very nice selection. You never disappoint! I love it sweetie & more important, my wife does too!   LOL I am sending you a box out tomorrow, loaded with beauties!

It is stuffed!  Hope you like it Krista!   Paul O. (again)




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